Why am i experiencing shipping delays?




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    I placed my order last Saturday and the company billed me no problem. The website says 1-3 days for processing. I logged on to check the status and a week later it hasn't been processed. Also paid for 2 day shipping. Where's my speaker at?

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    Michael Rurak

    I checked the status of my order yesterday through yalls website and it said my speaker was in my town at the post office but when I looked a few min ago it says it's in a totally different state. Why is this? It says my speaker should be here tomorrow and I don't know how yall plan on shipping it from IL to TX over night when it took over 2 weeks to get here from CA. This is really frustrating so please explain what's going on or I want a refund so I can buy a speaker from a company that actually knows what they are doing.

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    Liam Hart

    I payed and placed my order on Oct. 12 and received an email to review my order on Oct. 31. I still don't have it and the package hasn't moved from where its first destination was. It is now Nov 13. package didn't come in for my brothers birthday. Very unprofessional I am disappointed. 

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